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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bye Bye Little Grandpa

Grandpa has gone missing and when Yakob finds him it's too late. He is bleeding out and has falling and broken bones. He keeps telling Yakob to "Go to the island". I think this means that some adventure is up ahead.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gun Crazies

 Today, Yakob finds out that his Grandpa is gun crazy. He as enough to arm a small militia. he has collected them from actions and weird gun stores. Now that Yakobs grandpa is starting to go insane, or so they think, they have taken all his guns away and he is now in a panicked state all the time.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Invisible Monsters with Tentacles

             I think that this book is amazing. I have begun this book and I think that the author really wrote it so you can feel the characters. So far, Yakob is not trusting his grandpa who is telling him crazy stories and saying that they're real. The thing is that his grandpa isn't known for making things up. This really put Yakob is doubt.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Of Course The Book is Better

Nicolas Laursen
4/2/17 Period Six

I think that The Giver book is a lot better than the movie made years after. I will explain to you, in three reasons, why the book is better. From leaving out parts in the movie to adding unnecessary parts, and even forgetting certain details, I will prove to you that the book is better. I wonder why Phillip Noyce and his crew, the director of the movie, did what they did to the movie.

The first reason that I think that the book is better than the movie is that when I watched the movie, there were parts that I was expecting to come and then they did not. For example, when I saw the part in the movie when Jonas was sledding down the nice, powdery hill of snow, I thought about the part where Jonas feels real pain by breaking his bones on ice. I thought this memory was really important because it was his first memory of pain. It also proved to the reader that when the Chief Elder told Jonas that he was going to feel extreme pain, she wasn’t lying.
The second reason that I think the book is better than the movie is that the movie adds scenes that I think do not contribute to the story at all. The main one is when Jonas and Fiona start to sled down the solar panels. First of all, this is really unsafe and I doubt that Jonas would even do it anyway. Second, all they are doing is breaking rules when they slide down it and the community doesn’t even care. Then when they touch hands at the end of it, the Speakers tells them they can't do that. The community doesn't care if you sled down a huge arch on solar panels, but won’t let you touch hands. Another thing that was added into the movie was the whole love story between Jonas and Fiona. In the book, it only ever showed us that Jonas liked Fiona, but in the movie, they were kissing. The movie also made them sixteen. The movie also switched up Asher and Fiona's jobs so that the movie could show their friendship and how they helped each other. I think that this ruins the book because then the movie doesn't even represent the book. If you add too many new parts like that you could almost say that the movie wasn't based off of the book.
The third reason that the book is better is because you can give more detail to the reader. You can help the reader visualize what's going on because you don't have a limit to the amount of words in your book. In a movie, you almost have a time limit because you don't want the movie to be too long. If the movie is too long, then the person watching it will get bored and the movie producers don't want that. This why book are better because the author can show you everything they want. In the movie, for example, they left out parts and details. Parts such as I already went over and details like the trees and animals in Elsewhere. You never or rarely saw any of those things and the book told you pretty clearly that they were there.
In conclusion, I think that the book is much better than the movie. I gave you three reasons why this was true. The movie left out parts that I think should have been in the movie, the movie added parts that I don't think should have been in the movie and left out detail. This proves that the book is better than the movie.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Before GrandpaHood

Nicolas Laursen
Period 6

“Before Grandpahood”
The sound of my grandpa’s ringtone blared in my ear; it’s the theme song to the  “The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly”. I should tell him to change it, I thought. He picked up. “Hey Grandpa, I have to do an interview with someone who was born a little over six decades ago for my English class. Can I interview you?” And like that, the interview was on.

After school, on a Wednesday, some time back, I emerged from the “holy” classroom of Mr.Coward. The gloomy, cold day chilled. I was glad that we were meeting at a cafe. Walking down the street, many cars rushed by me and I could see lots of my friends riding home in their cars. Ten minutes later, I finally saw the cafe, The Nautical Bean. Walking in, I looked around and didn't see my grandpa. I sat down and five minutes later he walked in. I greeted him, "Hey, what's up Grandpa" and we ordered some coffee. I bought a caramel coffee but Grandpa got his coffee free. Shocked, I ask him how he did that. It turns out that his insurance company insures that building. They let him have free coffee every once in awhile.

Grandpa is the type of guy that gives you that reassuring feeling when you first see him. He has a great smile that will always make you smile back, even if you're having a bad day. His smooth, silvery-white hair glistened in the sunlight as I hugged him.  His deep voice could really let you visualize the memories he was speaking. Grandpa is the friendliest giant I have ever met, standing 6’6 and is almost never in a bad mood. The reason I chose him to do the interview with was because I really wanted to learn more about his life before becoming a grandpa. Oh, my coffee's ready, let's get this interview going.

What was your favorite childhood memory?
Grandpa’s Response:
My favorite memory was probably when I would visit my grandma and go down to the stables to see the horses.  Horses weren't my favorite animal. I just liked them because they were big. My grandma’s ranch was in the Los Gatos/ Saratoga area near San Jose. It wasn't a big ranch, but it wasn't too small either. I really loved it there.

Why did you join the military?
Grandpa’s Response:
I was going to be drafted into the Vietnam War, and I was still in college. I tried to be an officer in the Air Force, but I was too tall, so I enlisted. I choose the Air Force because I had just met your grandma and we were going to get married and I didn't want to be separated from her. The Air Force had the best opportunities and had the best skill transfers to civilian life. Luckily, I never had to go into real combat.

When you joined the Air Force what sort of training did you get?

I went to basic training in San Antonio, Texas and we had to run, do push-ups and things like that. I learned how to shoot the M16 rifle and other skills like how to fold your clothes, polish your boots, and hang clothes and that kind of thing. Also, I learned all the military rules and regulations. “The training wasn’t really physically hard, but hard in the sense that it was in Texas, and at that time of year, it was pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit and was just really hot and miserable.”

When you were in the Air Force, what was your most serious event?
Grandpa’s Response:
We were over in Spain, in a large base near Madrid, and the second Israeli war broke out between the Israelis and the Arabs. The whole base went on alert. We had to get ready to accept all these military families from around the Mediterranean and start moving them back to the United States because war had broken out and we didn’t know the danger of it.
What was your biggest relocation?

Spain. Your mother was a little girl and came over with Barb (my grandma). I had already flown there and they had to come over on a different flight. Josh (my uncle) was born at the base later. The name of the base was Torrejón de Ardoz. I was also on the military base's volleyball team. We were pretty good.

What was the reason you chose to move to SLO?
Grandpa’s Response:
We liked it here and we got to know it well because your grandma's parents lived in Los Osos. They had moved here in 1968 and we met 1969. We always liked it here. When I was small, my family had also driven through San Luis to get to Los Angeles and I remembered liking the town, and I now had a chance to come back. There were no other towns that stood out like this one. When I left the military, we lived in San Jose and it's such a big city. It's a nice city, but we liked it better down here. San Luis Obispo is a lot bigger now than it was when we moved here. We never really lived in the city, but out in Los Osos. This year, in March, it will be our 40th year in Los Osos.

Did the time in the military affect your career in any way.?

Well, my major in college was Airline and Airport Management and I was gone in the military for roughly 4 years. When I came back, I tried to get back into this field, but they wouldn't accept me. So, I started out in insurance in San Jose and then later relocated to Los Osos and worked at a Farmers Insurance Agency. If I hadn't gone into the military, I would have become an Airline or Airport Manager.

Why did you get into insurance?

Well, originally when I got home from the military, I tried to get different jobs. I ended up working as a machinist. “We made armored personnel carriers in San Jose and it was really hard, sweaty work. I figured there had to be something better to do. So, I looked for something new. Actually, it was your grandma that saw the ad for an insurance agent, so I tried it out and liked it. I then later moved down here to Los Osos." His Farmers Insurance Agency is only a ten-minute walk from Laguna.

I really enjoyed doing the interview with Grandpa because I learned a lot more about him. I really did think that I knew him well, but now that I look back and see, I really didn’t know so much about his earlier life. The most surprising thing that I learned about him, was that he played on the volleyball team for his military base. I also thought that is was really cool that he has almost lived in Los Osos for over forty years. I really do think that I know Grandpa so much better now.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What are some of the Advantages Of Nuclear Power?

The one big advantage with nuclear power is that it emits very low levels of CO2 and therefore doesn't really contribute to global warming. Another thing is that it is a really reliable source of power since it does not need further upgrading and advancement. 1 power plant can also generate high amounts of power. Finally, the cost of running a nuclear power plant ins't that much. It is a very inexpensive way to generate power.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Some Facts About Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

After the shutting down the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station permanently, Diablo became the only nuclear power plant left in the state. It is built very close to two fault lines and has said it will be closing down in 2025. The power plant generates about 8.6% of all the electricity which is a lot if you think about it. It powers over 3,000,000 people. The power plant started construction is 1968 and was finished in 1973. It was reviewed as one of the best and safely kept power plants.
Diablo Canyon NPP above.jpg

Monday, November 28, 2016

What Is A Nuclear Power Plant And No, It's Not a Flower

A nuclear power plant is a place where power is being genarated from a heat source that makes steam which is used to generate electrisity. There are currently 435 nuclear power plants open. Urainium is the fuel of the how system. Starting in a nuclear reactor, the uranium, a very heavey metal, is being split and giving off lots of energy. This heat energy is then brought through water to create steam. The steam then flows through a steam turbine to make energy.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Downtown Danish Foodies Part 2

Here are another cool and taste things and places in downtown Copenhagen. First, one of the cooler things is that some places you can see people who are making caramelized almonds. They have this huge pot filled with the caramel sugar stuff. The second tasty place is Cafe Norden. This place has a thing called Nachos Supreme. Its the biggest serving of anything I've ever seen. It's huge. The whole thing is probably the size of one of the desks in your class. Cool right?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Downtown Danish Foodies Part 1

French Hot-dog
So, this time we are going to talk about the types of food you can get downtown. First, there is the "French hot-dog". This is a hot-dog that is extra long wrapped in bread. It is super tasty.
The other thing that you will see being sold on the streets is crepes. They aren't danish but super common. The best ones are the banana Nutella ones.